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Home of the finest cuts!

Get the Smoothest Fade in Town

Easily the best barber shop in London. A great experience every time I visit, very professional with the best barbers around. I can’t recall ever having a haircut that’s not exceptional.

For the Ultimate Barber Experience, Trust The Smooth Fade

Ladies and gents, welcome to the epitome of sophistication at The Smooth Fade – where we redefine the art of luxurious haircuts and male grooming. For years, we've been curating the perfect blend of opulence and style, ensuring our patrons not only look distinguished but also feel the epitome of refinement.

At The Smooth Fade, your satisfaction is our paramount mission. We meticulously tailor our services to align seamlessly with your discerning taste, offering a grooming experience that transcends the ordinary. Our prices? Elegantly competitive, just like the looks we craft.

Step into a realm where smooth meets sophistication. Your journey to sartorial excellence begins here. Indulge in the luxury of The Smooth Fade – where every cut is a statement and every groom an experience.


Mon - Sat: 10am - 7pm
Sun: Closed

Visit us today

20 Vauxhall Street, Lambeth, London, SE11 5LG

+44 2045392305

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